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Hopfuly sites dedicated to MYST like URU Obsession will also have a snotrg impact twords the influence of it's production by its fans. If this is ligitimate don't screw it up. Times like these I think I should have been a director. We've all seen film adaptations and direct game ports like these fail miserably and humiliate long time supporters and some cases a death blow to the franchise. By ones given the blessing by a company to put thier franchise in the hands of a eger visonary. Falling sort giving detail or attention to areas that deserve it, adding thier own flavor to the formula with inconsistancies adding confusion dulling the orginal appeal. There is nothing conventional about MYST and nothing less than ture story telling mastery to make it sucessful like the ones I remeber taking me to whole new world of discoveries feeling like a kid again.

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