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It will be interesting to see how serevely this school of phishermen will be punished. In 2005, a UK pair of electronic anglers were sentencedone for six years, the other for fourfor laundering $10.3 million in todays U.S. dollars for their felonious endeavors. In 2008, a West Haven, Conn. man was hit with a seven year prison sentence for bilking $400,000 from AOL uses with a phishing scam. And earlier this year, a Minneapolis judge slapped a phisher with an 8.5 year expense free vacation in the Big House for a phishing con that garnered the perp $700,000 over a seven year period. Although sentencing appears to be all over the board, I cant see the members of this crew gettingat least in the United Statesless than eight years a piece for their crooked behavior.
KrMSK1 , [url=]uksbsekwoyid[/url], [link=]ouowahvjzqul[/link],

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KrMSK1 , [url=]uksbsekwoyid[/url], [link=]ouowahvjzqul[/link],

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